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excess penicillin and streptomycin concentration in culture medium? - (Jul/21/2007 )

Hi, I am accidentally added about 2X the amount of P/S in my culture medium (original volum should be 5ml but I added 10ml). I wonder if this would affect the cell growth? This medium is for transfection and non serum culturing. Thank you for answering!!


what is the actual amount added? Different labs use different qunatities of antibiotics.

For instance, my lab uses 25ug/ml Ampicilin, others use 50ug/ml and there are even labs that use 100ug/ml.

What does 2x more mean? Are you using the highest possible concentration, or the lowest or somewhere in the middle.


Thank you for your help!
my lab recipt for P/S in the culture medium is 1% P/S yet I add 2% P/S for my culture medium (WMB). Will this affect the cell growth? By the way, I don't know how much it is in concentration as we bought 100X. I am really sorry about unable to answer your question!


should be no problem; watch if cells build vacuoles which you may not observe at 1x pen/strep

-The Bearer-

culture them for 1 week before starting tough experiment should do the job.
also the bearer is right. some cell types may develop vacuoles if suffering. If its the case, you will have to estimate if cells are too damaged.