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anaerobic bacteria - how to stock culture (Feb/18/2004 )

wink.gif Hi everybody!

I just brought an anaerobic bacteria and i am not sure how to stock it. I am not sure whether to put glycerol and do i need to reduced the glycerol before i add in to the test tube?

TQ ahead for your answer.


hi there,
i have some questions i wish you could help me with.

1. where did you get your anaerobes? where and how much?
2. i have a container half filled with water(15 gallons), a little gravel, decomposing organic matter and polyester batting, can i assume that anaerobic bacteria is growing in there? i keep the container closed and occasionally put dry ice (solid co2) in the mix.

my purpose is to simulate anaerobic bacteria in lakes and ponds so i can soak some tonewoods used in instrument making. however soaking the woods is pointless if there are no anaerobes. i have no background in bio or microbio other than what i've read in journals, dictionaries and encyclopedias. oh and by the way, i also read that anaerobes grow in the mouth which explains why we get morning breath. i wonder if i could spit my morning saliva in the container along with the mix and expect it to grow?

i know it sounds a little gross but there is some song theory about wood cells opened up by anaerobes and made into great sounding violins.

ok. i guess that's all for now. thank you for your time and for your help.



We have good recovery experience by using paraffin oil as a surface additive that prevents air to interact directly with the bacteria containing media.

Good luck

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