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Collagenase contamination - (Jul/15/2007 )

Hi All,
I recently started using collagenase to isolate preadipocytes from fat tissue, and eventually figured out that the collagenase was arriving with a terrible yeast contamination. We reconstituted it in RNase and DNase free, tissue culture water, and used a sterile filter.
I know of other labs which use the same product, without any problems, so thought I'd ask if anyone here has had this problem, and/or has any suggestions for fixing it?


Hey mate!

Always make your collagenase up fresh, the last thing you do before the dissection is to sterile-filter the solution, count on losing 0,5-1 ml in the process. When it comes to primaries, you could in addition to that add fungizone to your culturing media...

Hope it solves the problem!



Hey D,
Thanks! It's a yeast, not a fungus causing the problem, so fungizone wouldn't have any real effect would it?
I've discovered I can order special, sterile collagenase, which should, hopefully solve the problem smile.gif