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Can i autoclave a hemacytometer? - (Jul/01/2007 )

i use my hemacytometer to count some infected cells... and check the percentage is cell viability... i soak hemacytometer in 70% ethanol after that to disinfect (as the bacteria i used to infect my cells is a pathogen). but i still feel insecure. I'll feel better if i can autoclave it.

Can i autoclave a hemacytometer (it was made of glass)? anyone autoclave it before? i scare it'll spoil the silver colour counting chamber (the silver area with grids on it).



Why do you need to autoclave it? Just take an aliquot of your cellmixture and count that, donĀ“t put the cells back into the dish... If you really need to sterilize it, use 70% EtOH and to be really sure put it under the UV-light for like 30 minutes, that should kill everything living there.

Good luck!



wash it with water and then clean hemacytometer with 70% ethanol. This should be sufficient.


Dont know it it will affect the markings. But, isn't it ok to use disinfectants like Alcohol. Or, in hospitals they use Virkon to disinfect instruments that need not be sterlised but used where there is possibility of pathogens. Can U instead use Virkon?


thanks guys... i did both -- UV and 70% ethanol. i was just too worried about i spread the pathogen accidentally.

the bad news is.... i just broke my hemacytometer. i was trying to disinfect my hemacytometer, but i drop it on the floor i feel so bad. i keep telling everyone to use it carefully, not to break it, not to scratch it. but I AM the one who broke it in the end. sad.gif


Look at brighter side. You can get a fresh, new hemocytometer without any pathogens.