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Solution for a Genome Problem - Calculation of Genome Transformation Probability (Jun/25/2007 )

I am stuck of while solving a problem in solving genome

The problem goes like this

The reasercher desires to clone a gene(1kb) of a microorganism . The genome size is 1.5X10^4 kb. The average size of the library fragment is 5kb.

1. What is the ratio of the genome size of the micro organism relative to average size of the fragment in the gene library?

a.3000 b.1500 c.45000 d.None of the above

2.The genome library was created in vectors that were transformed into bacterial cells. If there is a 95% probability of the transformation, how mant recombiant bacterial colonies will have to be screned to find the particular gene

a.7500 b.8000 c.9000 d.10000

Can any help me in this regard. If so it would be og great help to me

Thanks in advance


well i'm not sure it will help or make it easier. Couldn't it be PCR direct from genomic? If not, try digest your genome with RE then run on the gel and hybridize it with your probe (your gene of interest) then you know were to PCR.