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Cell culture pronunciation - pas-SAGE or PAS-sage? (Jun/25/2007 )

This may seem like a weird post but I wondered if you could help settle a 'discussion' I am having with a co-worker. When you trypsinise adherent cells to detach them from the plate/flask and re-seed them in fresh culture plates/flasks, is the process referred to as:

1. pas-SAGE (rhymes with montage)

2. PAS-sage (e.g. I walked down the passage)



In our lab we say it the first way (like montage) but whether or not that is the right way- I don't know.


We always say it the second way. i don't think it really matters does it so long as you know what you are doing!


I always heard it the second way as well...


Second way.






This appears to be one of those things that the people "across the pond" pronounce wrong...

It depends which side you are on as to the "correct" pronunciation, being american I have always heard and used number 2 (those british sound so snobby wink.gif ) just kidding! laugh.gif