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Linkage analysis and how to locate genes? - (Jun/23/2007 )

When locating genes for a trait of interest, you can do linkage analysis to find the general area of where the gene(s) may lie on the genome. But after this linkage analysis, how does one go about exactly pinpointing the location of the gene??
I read somewhere, the next step after linkage analysis is association studies, is this correct? From what I gather, association studies is just comparing genes with individuals that have the trait of interest, with individuals that dont. Again is this right?
So basically, is it always association studies you do after linkage analysis to find the exact location of genes, or are there any other methods??


It is based on the so called "exclusion mapping". You work through haplotypes and exclude or include a region by interpreting recombination events in a family.

Association is usually performed in non-mendelian (complex) traits and it`s more or less a statistical approach that can predict the ratio of the risk of someone to be affected.