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Poly-Lysine and Pastic coating - (Jun/22/2007 )

Hi guys,

Does anyone knows the difference between Poly-L-Lysine and Poly-D-Lysine treatment on plastic for cell's adherence???

Thanks a lot



Hi biofred,

poly-D-lysine and poly-L-lysine are both usable to cover. They are equivalent.
But poly-D-lysine is often favored because the D-enantiomer is less prone to protease-mediated breakdown (L-enantiomers are usually the naturally occuring ones...).



We use poly-D-lysine for coating glass coverslips. I dont know the difference in treatment between D and L enantiomers.


Hi Chakchel

Thanks a lot for your knowledge. I will try next time with poly-D-lysine.

Have a nice day