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adherent cell don't need detach for maintenance? - (Jun/20/2007 )

I read from a website saying that for adherent cell line like HT-29, we don't need to detach it, spin down before adding in new media. We just need to throw away the old media, wash with PBS, and then adding in new media. Is this way really works? Won't the cells die due to overconfluent? Great appreciation to someone who can help me with this. Thank you


changing the media and splitting the cells are two different things - i change media on tuesday and split on friday.
this way my cells dont starve before they get 100% confluent (well 90% really)



For feeding cells, I simply remove old media and add in new media. No need for PBS.

Even after splitting, I dont spin them down. I resuspend cells and distribute it in the different flasks.