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Eclone = ? for In Situ and mRNA injection - What is the official gene name for "eclone" ? (Jun/17/2007 )

There is a gene I heard called eclone several times. I saw a plate of E Coli someone was growing with eclone in some plasmid so I know it's spelled eclone as its common name. That is not the official name of the gene though. No one currently in the lab knows what the real gene's name is...which of course is a big problem rolleyes.gif . I know it is involved in vascular development though it may have been originally discovered for something else so I don't know if that information will help in finding it (it hasn't so far).

Has anyone heard of this gene? I wanted to design an in situ probe and make some mRNA for my zebrafish if I can just find out more information on the gene.

Thanks if anyone knows the vernacular and can help me out.


Got's a danio rerio ribosomal subunit 28S or 28Se. I managed to find part of the cDNA sequence so I BLASTed it.