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DNA pellet - (Jun/08/2007 )

I need help regarding using midipreps for plasmid DNA extraction as after adding ethanol and centrifugation I canot see the DNA pellete, then it is mentioned that I should use water or TE to dissolve the pellet in it; well i have done that twice and every time I run a gel to make sure that I got DNA I get no band at all, so could any one help me regarding that and should I transfer the dissolved DNA to another tube or just add water and leave it in the same tube. Thanks


I think what is happening is that you loose the pellet in the previous isopropanol precipitation step.
After isopropanol precipitation the pellet sometimes is not clearly visible so if you drain isopropanol from tube buy inverting tube, DNA pellet will slide away.
you should first try to see the pellet, remove supernatant very carefull and only then you can proceed.
good luck