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plzzzz what the LD50 for.............. - (Jun/07/2007 )

Dear All
i want to know the [[oral LD50 (rat)]] for those compounds:

copper sulphate
lead acetate
cadmium chloride

Best regards


Hi Jehane,

what's about looking for datasheets of those substances...?
There are a lot of hits at google for those...

But, well, okay, here you are wink.gif

Copper sulphate:

Lead acetate:

cadmium chloride:



Thank you very much. my problem now is there many valu for LD50 for the same compound
for example, copper sulphate has LD50: 300mg/kg in some sites others 472, 960, 1000 mg/kg
i want the latest used value of them how i know that as the year not stated in the sheets

Best Regards

QUOTE (Chakchel @ Jun 8 2007, 01:17 AM)


Hm, maybe then you should check the supplier's homepage or their actual catalogue? There you might find the latest information, I guess.

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) databases you could search, too. i didn't check the different databases, but maybe this site may help you?