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CBP expression problems in mammalian cells - (Dec/17/2003 )

Hi All,

Is anyone working on CBP or at least trying to express CBP in mammalian cell lines?

I am able to clone, PCR, sequence my CBP (CREB Binding Protein) construct but when I transfect it, there doesn't appear to be much detectable expression.

I use a 10% SDS-PAGE gel for analysis...

Any ideas, please? Would appreciate your experiences, advice, etc.



I am working on p300, which is an analogue of CBP. p300 is considered toxic to cells, so probably CBP, too. If that's true, you would expect low rate expression. Just a thought. Hope it helps.
And, I am not searching for CBP construct. If your construct contains the HAT domain, could you please share a little with me?
Your help will be greatly appreciated!
My contact email is:
Ling Wang