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microarrays with alexa fluors instead of CyDyes - microarrays with alexa fluors instead of (Dec/09/2003 )

has anyone tried doing microarrays using amino-allyl dUTP and alexafluor dyes (Molecular Probes) rather than CyDyes? I have been having major problems with Cy5 degradation (when I scan i can't see much/any Cy5) and would really appreciate any advice.


what do you wash with i had the same problem (amersham dyes) and i replced my ethanol wash with low salt and know problems anymore regarding the signal


What do you mean washed with low salt? Could you be more specific?



Please find the citation from the following link.

Quantitative Comparison of Long-wavelength Alexa Fluor Dyes
to Cy Dyes: Fluorescence of the Dyes and Their Bioconjugates
Volume 51(12): 1699–1712, 2003
The Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry

There are several citations state that Alexa Fluor Dyes have a higher stability, better correlation, higher incorporation efficiency and higher intensity than Cy dyes.