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never know the neurospheres - (May/29/2007 )

Hi everyone...
I faced a problem and need someone to help me..
Last week I have cultured cell from embryonic brain. and I change the medium every day after that. I need your opinion and comformation about things that made me confused.
This time of culture, I obtain a lot of "neurospheres like structure" cells. when I change the media, I use to culture the media back in another flask. Is this the right method I use (to culture the media back - because I think neurospheres is a floating cell)? is it true that neurospheres is a floating cell? because when I remove the media, the "neurospheres" is still attach at the wall....



I've not cultured cells from an embryonic brain, only from adult mice brain. But since neurospheres in the early passages are free floating structures you don't "take away" media. If you need to add growth factors (EGF and FGF), which should be done each 2nd or 3rd day, just add new medium to the plate without removing the old, ie. 1 ml medium containing GF for 8, and so on.