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Making competent cells from current commercial stocks - (May/21/2007 )



I have some commercial one shot competent cells from Invitrogen which I got with a cloning kit and rather than pay through the nose for more I would like to make my own. I have a protocol which I have used before on DH5a cells which gives good transformation efficencies and the INVaF' genotype of the one shot cells I have now has been great for my cloning. Can I use the commercial one shot cells to grow up more competent cells? Do I need to somehow make them 'uncompetent' before growing them up or can I grow them as is?


Making competent cells for chemical and electroporation transformation can be very different. I made it competent and store them in -70 prior to use.

If you want to try TSS method, do let me know. I have the protocol. Good Luck. wink.gif


Make competent cells from commercial source as you would with any other cells prepared in the lab.