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Reversibly sticky culture surface - (May/20/2007 )

Hi all,

This might be a stretch, but I would like to force my suspension cells to stick to the substratum, to be used as feeder cells for another line of cells (also suspension cells).

Can anyone suggest a "sticky" culture surface that is able to be inactivated after the cells are stuck down? I am even considering crosslinking by transient exposure with carbodiimide but I suspect it would be toxic.

Can I reverse poly-l-lysine stickiness using some sort of non-toxic anionic molecule?

Any comments or thought welcome


not exactly what you are asking for, but maybe you can use a 6-well plate format with an insert, plate the feeder suspension culture below the insert and add the other suspension cells into the insert to co-culture but keep seperate... I don't know about pore sizes in the transwell inserts or if you need the cells to touch or not but this is just a suggestion...

good luck