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difference between propylene and polystyrene tubes, for Cytometry? - propylene orpolystyrene tubes for Cytometry? (May/15/2007 )

From manual of company, it is said that we should use FALCON polystyrene, 12 x 75mm tubes, #352054 which fits properly on the sample injection port.

why we should use polystyrene instead of propylene?

Thanks for any advice


please, look at link:


I think the type of tubes could depend on the machine. Accoridng to some protocols, PS is favored because they help reduce stickiness and clumping. Some others said that the machine would use PS tubes because most of the FACS tubes are made from PS. However, I do see a number of FACS protocols that said they favored PP (you just google polypropylene FACS and you will see plenty of protocols suggest you provide the FACS samples in PP tubes).