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tissue homogenization - Xenopus kidney homogenization (Nov/04/2003 )

hi... another question from my unknowledgeable self...

I'm trying to find a protocol to homogenize Xenopus kidneys, but I'm having a hard time doing so. I have one for muscle, but checking Xenbase and searching the literature hasn't turned up anything. I need to prepare protein from the tissue, if that makes a difference in the protocol.

Suggestions? I didn't want to just go ahead and use my muscle buffer for kidney, but...



Many muscle protein isolation techniques are unique because most of the major proteins are insoluble.

You have to decide whether you want cytosol, nuclear, or whole cell preps.
If you can find someone with Current Protocols in Mol Biol they have protocols for these.

You also probably need an electric homogenizer instead of a glass pestle for tissue (if you don't already have one)