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cell suspension of CD34 cell isolated from whole blood - (May/08/2007 )

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I made CFC Assay with methylcellulose-media, FCS, growth factors(GM-SCF, SCF, IL-6, IL-3, w/o EPO, antibiotics(pen/strep) and IMDM.
After this time I had only CFU-GM colonies (the low count of colonies).
Please, any sugestions, because I would like to culture this cells in other medium w/o methylcellulose, only for the proliferative purpose, as cell suspension.

Shall I add IMDM, with glutamine, FBS (2%), pen/strep, and SCF, IL-3 ?
or whatever mellow.gif

thanks in advance!



...any advance will be appreciated
Please ...suggestions

with or w/o Serum


Sorry, but what exactly is it you want? Do you want to expand in vivo a certain cell type?



I want only increase the count of the isolated CD34+ cells, they was isolated with MACS Technology.

I heard, that it is very good w/o serum.
I will cells then differentiate, but I will first of all to have a increased count of CD34+ cells.
7 daysß or more