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Primary culture - Transparent cell? (May/07/2007 )

I'm doing a primary culture of fibroblast from tendon. The thing is i observed i particular cell (or something else) which is round and transparent. it is quiet big. I did come across this before when i'm doing my preadipocyte primary culture and i thought it was a fat cells, in which it does look like fat cells. However, my boss now does not agree with me because he says that it is impossible to get a fat cells from the tendon. Does anybody come across this type of cells? And anybody have any idea of what it is. This thing will dissappearafter 3-4 weeks culture. Thanks.



Could be a skeletal muscle cell that has problems attaching in the right way, they round up and are quite big when not streched properly... Seems like a likely contaminant when isolating tendons too...


water vesicle , maybe huh.gif