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vitamines auticalve - (May/02/2007 )

can vitamines and hormones be autoclaved ?


It depends on which vitamin or hormone we are talking about...
These two families include a moltitude of different compounds.
They are grouped because of their function and not because of their chemical properties, so no general consideration about their physical characteristics can be done.

In general, if you don't have any information I would suggest to filter your solution.
Anyway, if you browse the net a bit, it won't be hard to find further information on the molecules you are interested in.

Don't you have a data sheet to check? It had to accompany the products when you ordered them...
If you can't find it, you can take a look to data sheets of main producers (e.g. Sigma).
You can pick the same compond with similar characteristics eg. purity, physical state, additives etc...
Choose the one with characteristics similar to yours and try to follow your instructions about autoclaving and storage...

Hope this helps!!!


agree with ila, it depends
for example, it's not possible to autoclave a hormone like insulin, but you can autoclave other hormones which are not 'peptides'


Yeah, hormones and vitamins include a load of different stuffs... happy.gif