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Database of embryonic expressed genes - (May/01/2007 )

I am trying to find a comprehensive list of all the genes that are only expressed during fetal development. Does anyone know if such a database exists that can give me this list - ideally for human or mouse?



-Daniel Tillett-

Have a look here :

I suggest people add it to their *firefox* toolbar/bookmark list.

* if you aren't running firefox, why not?


Hi Perlmunk

Yes I have had a look here (it is the first place I tried), but I haven't been able to find a database that will allow me to get a list of only those genes that are expressed in the fetus. I can find those that are expressed in the fetus, but not those that are exclusively expressed. Maybe I have overlooked one of the databases so if anyone has any suggestions I would be grateful.



-Daniel Tillett-