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RNA - (Apr/29/2007 )

I was confused about the functions of mRNA and tRNA. On my book, it says "At the ribosomes, the genetic code carried by the mRNA will be translated into a sequence of amino acids.","Before amino acids can be joined to make a polypeptide chain, however, they must be transported to the ribosomes. This is the function of the third form of RNA, transfer RNA (tRNA)." So I am really confused now because these two sentences are contradicted in my opinion because if you see the first sentence, it says ribosomes, so if RNA is now in the ribosome, then it is not mRNA but tRNA according to the second sentence. My teacher told me that tRNA transports amino acids in the cytoplasm to the ribosomes, so mRNA is not supposed to be in the ribosomes? BTW, Is mRNA translated into amino acids or tRNA? Where does it happen? in the nucleus? Hope you can answer my questions, thank you.


Ribosomes are where the proteins are made. mRNA is transported to the ribsomes which act to join the amino acid chains to for a polypeptide.

tRNAs carry the amino acid to the ribsomes and reads off the mRNA sequence. They are separate entities altogether.