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homo-genous,zygous vs hetero-genus,zygous - (Apr/23/2007 )

hi can anyone explain the diff bet these terms with respect to plant variaties/population:
Homozygous, heterozygous, homegenous and heterogenous.

im bit consfused.



Homozygous means that, for a given allele, the plant has two identical copies. Whereas heterozygous means that the plant has two different alleles (in the case of people it's like having one allele for blue eyes and one for brown eyes).

Homogenous population I think it is a population of plants with the same alleles at a given loci. An heterogenous one would than be one population with plants which would have different alleles (Plant 1 - alleles A and A, plant 2 - alleles A and B, plant 3 - alleles B and B...)

I advise you to check on these later definitions though. About the first ones I'm completely sure of their meaning, but I'm not so sure about the homo/heterogenous ones.


thank you:)


agree with the point about homo and heteroZYGOUS
for the homo/heteroGENEOUS: i think it's like when you have a bacterial population which may consists of the same species, and in this case we called this a homogeneous population, and in case the population consists of different bacterial species, this is now a heterogeneous