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Contamination of antibiotic solutions - (Apr/15/2007 )

i just wonder, how is it possible that an antibiotic solution such as Ampicillin will be contaminated with bacteria thats why it needs sterilization? Is there enough nutrient if there is to support bacterial life?


not necessary to be bacteria, it could be contaminated with fungi or other microbes which can be resistant to this antibiotic


I think it is necessary to keep it sterile....just in case some ampicillin resistant form grows shows up in it :-)


We store most of our antibiotics including ampicillin in 50-100% ethanol at -20C, and it is unlikely much contamination survives. Kanamycin, however, must be dissolved in water.


but is there enough nutrient for the bacteria to survive? i know that some extremophiles can survive in the harshest conditions, but an antibiotic solution is really far far worst than that..right?


you're right, but some microorganisms have the ability to breakdown the antibiotic into useful components and hence it became able to survive on such chemicals..