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How to prepare proposal defense? - (Apr/11/2007 )

I am a Ph.D. student. Now I am preparing my proposal defense (It is the one before thesis defense.). I am very nervous because I don't know what kinds of questions the committee memember will ask? will they ask specific technique quesiton ex: RT-PCR, western? Any one can tell me your experinence?

Thank you very much!


I haven't gone through one myself...but I've heard ecxperiences from other people. They usually ask questions related to your project...although they can pretty much ask about anything and everything in this world!!!! Questions are basically related to your research questions, why you want to study that aspect, potential problems, explaining results, other possible ways to explore the same problem.

All the best!!


the questions i got were like:

why did you choose to work with this mouse model?
have you considered also looking at the role of GOI in differentiation?
do you have enough time to do these experiments?
do you have enough resources to do these experiments?
have other researchers looked at estrogen with your GOI?

they were very specific to my work, and more about the overall picture, rather than aspects of individual techniques.



For further proposal defendees

My experience: questions not very specific to my research plan but widely related. My work involves viral T cells. My proposal examiner was an established virologist and tested my knowledge on the specific virus. Therefore I think the kind of questions may depend on the background of your examiner and (in contrast to the final viva) examiners may ask more general questions and discuss what further experiments you are planning to complete you project.

-rana pequena-

well I did proposal while ago, now I am preparing for the defence, anyway
for my proposal, I got few specific questions and few non-specific.

I think this is up to the committi member, one of the member from Biochem Dept. asked me quite specific question about biochem. other member, who is more into in vivo study ask general question about mouse model.

So, I think each committe memeber ask question based on thier background, so know your people! that's the important for you even for the later defense.

Also, dont be too nervous, this is not defence. if you dont know the answer for the question, just be honest and tell your opinion as a scientist. just try to do your best.

I wish your good luck! wink.gif