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plant reproduction - (Apr/08/2007 )

1. Grafting permits the groweer to combine desirable characteristics of two plant varieties in a single plant. For example, the stock may have roots which are resistant to soil pests, whereas the scion may bear a desirable kind of fruit. However, there is no mixing of the heredity of the scion and stock. I feel very confused about these two sentences. It tells us that it can get the good characteristic, but it says there is no 'mixing' of heredity? what does it mean by mixing heredity of scion and stock? Hope you can explain it to me.
2. Is cross-pollination a sexual reproduction? I think so because it uses the male gametes and female gamete?

Thanks for answering.


1. well no mixing means when you get the friut and plant the seeds within you will get a plant similar to scion and not a new plant which has a shoot from scion and the root similar to the resistance one!! as you see they are not mixed at all.

2. yes it is sexual reporoduction.