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Rotating proteins? - (Apr/04/2007 )

I just want to make a animation movie or kinda things with the proteins.I want to save them as movie files where they just rotate, spinning etc.How can i do this?I have pdb files of the proteins.BALLView, DeepView and Cnd3d programs.But i can save the animation files where proteins rotate.Is there anyone who can help me?


sometime it's very complicated to incorporate a movie in a presentation.
so, there is a trick : you can open your presentation and your program for 3D protein, show your presentation, and when you want to show your protein, switch to the 3d program by clicking ALT+TAB


you can do a movie using either pymol or VND. Save it as a .mov (quicktime) file and you can use it in either powerpoint or keynote.


Thanks both of you for your help.I will try.