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Adherence of Candida to Saliva Free Mucous Membranes - (Apr/02/2007 )

I am studying about adherence of candidal species. Many workers are claming that Candidal species are directly adhering to the epithelium of Mouth. Few people are arguing that candidal species first sticking to the salivary protein and then adhering to the oral epithelium via the salivary proteins. I am wondering how candidal species are sticking to saliva free mucous membranes?


i seem to remember that candida alblicans imparticular expresses a cell surface protein hwp1 that acts as one of the many substrates for transglutaminase (protein cross-linking enzyme found within many cells) hwp has adhesive properties and tg then crosslinks the bug onto the cell surface.

a couple of refs below

Science. 1999 Mar 5;283(5407):1535-8

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hope this helps!!


Thanks for the useful tips