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Responsive elements on promoter - without the promoter sequence! (Mar/27/2007 )

Hi my dear colleagues,
I'm trying to find a solution to my problems with the help of your past threads, but it seems that I'm not this strong in bioinformatics.
So, while I keep continuing find a solution to my question, I ask you if someone can be so kind to give me a helping hand

I would like to find some responsive elements (like Glucocorticoid-receptor REs, for example) on the 11beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 promoter.
I started with nucleotide database on NCBI but it seems that they inserted just the trascripted sequence (2 variants) or the cDNA.

It seems a really simple question, isn't it?? blush.gif
Hope that someone has 10 minutes for me...

Many many many thanks

-Mya Stone-

Hi Silvia,

just try MathInspector at You need to paste the gDNA sequence (which can be found at NCBI or ensembl) and the program will tell you every possible TF binding site within.
Does this ehlp you solve your problem?



-Mya Stone-