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GenScript- Free PCR Reagents and DNA Purification Kits! - (Mar/23/2007 )

Hi all!

GenScript is providing free samples of the following:

-Taq polymerase
-dNTP mix
-Taq supermix
-DNA purification kits (plasmid prep, PCR cleanup, and DNA gel extraction)
-PCR Prep Kit with or without enzyme (tissue, blood, plant, bacteria)

Here at GenScript, we provide reliable research products at a very competitive price. We also specialize in custom services and contract manufacturing including:

Gene Services (Synthesis, Construct Building, Cloning, Sub-Cloning, Mutagenesis)
Protein Expression (bacteria, yeast, and baculo expression systems)
Antibody Production (polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies with guaranteed immune response)
Peptide Synthesis (chemical synthesis and recombinant peptides)
One-Step Western Blot Kits (completed in one hour with no secondary antibody!)

If you have any questions, please email me at
*I will not be able to provide samples without an email.



is it ok for requesting from france ?