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Baculoviral infection of mosquito cell lines - (Mar/22/2007 )

Can anyone tell me if baculoviruses infect mosquito cell lines like C6/36? DO they produce occlusion bodies?



As I recall the host range is quite strict for baculovirus.


Your question is not very specific:

The best characterized moquito baculovirus is Culex nigripalpus NPV. If you are asking if this baculovirus produces OBs withint the midgut of it's host larva, yes (see: Moser et al, 2001 J Gen Virol) -- although I don't know if this would translate to your specific cell lines.

If you are asking whether your bacmid can make an OB, the answer is no because they lack polh.

If you are asking whether AcMNPV can successfully infect mosquitos, the answer is no (at least it has not been reported).

If you are confusing OBs with budded virus... Does CuniNPV have a budded virus? The answer is maybe but the literature has not yet shown convincing evidence of the virus budding from the cell membrane nor has it been demonstrated that CuniNPV expresses a fusion protein (which defines the budded virion).

So, to directly address your question about the cell lines: it depends on the baculovirus and whether you're looking to propagate the virus (which has not to my knowledge been accomplished in non-lepidopteran baculoviruses).