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Calculating generation time (tg) - HELP!!!!! (Mar/14/2007 )

Hi i am currently trying to calculate the generation time of the cell line EMT6 mouse mammary tumour cells.

I am using the equation:-

logNT=logNo + (log2 / tg) x T


NT is the number of cells after the log phase
No is the number of cells at the initial inoculum
and T is 24(hours)

the figuresi have are:-

5.11=4 + (0.301/tg) x 24

How do i find the generation time (tg) from this data??? i am aware i am looking for a figure within the range of 10-20 but even when i achieve this the equation is just mind boggling!! wacko.gif

Thank you for your help in advance, it is much appreciated!


please have a look at population doubling time topic.