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Flow Cytometry 2 Parameter Statistics, please help - Can you find standard deviation of % Positive of Total cells based on (Mar/13/2007 )

If you are comparing 2 treatments, i.e. one untreated vs. one treated,

And your total gated is 100% and 5000 cells, and for the positive stained of the untreated, you get 5% for instance, and for the treated, you get 50%. How can you tell if this is statistically significant or not? I know one way is if you repeat this three times, and then do the standard deviations. But is there another statistical way of doing this w/o repeating the experiment? I've seen papers published where they don't have to repeat the flow cytometry again since isn't one test in itself "5000 tests"?

Thanks very much, I will be very grateful if someone replies!



I think, you can make a Student-T Test, and in this example you will find your reply.
In other way, I could do you untreated sample as control and then hypothesis, do you think so too? Then you must make a Test for comparison between your samples.
ANOVA do you know that? with one way, in your Statistic Software for example;s%20t%20test

have nice day

ps. I'm doing tests with CD34+ cells with flow cytometry too, do you have any experience in this topic with hematopoietic stemc cells, anything, I could with you correspond.