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cell concentration calculation - (Mar/12/2007 )

I need help with a cell culture calculation please: I have a cell concentration of 800000cells per mL in a total volume of 30mLs cell suspension. I would like this stock to be 9000000cells per ml for downstream injections. Can I pellet the original cell suspension and resuspend in an appropriate volume??

Ultimately, I require 300000cells per 100ul (or per mouse) and I have 30 mice to inject. Is it possible with the original amount?

I hope this makes sense to someone. I am pretty stuck.

Thank you,


if you plan to inject 300,000 cells per animal and u have 30 animals, you need 9 million cells.

You alreadyhave 800,000 cells/ml and you have 30 ml of this cell conc. . You have 24 million cells in all.

Spin the cells at 100xg and then resuspend it accordingly and you should have more than sufficient cells.


For the first question, I think you can pellet the cells and resuspend them in the appropriate volume.

As for the 300000 cells per 100 ul... it seems a lot to me! Anyway, let's make the calculations.

800000 c/ml * 30ml = 24000000 cells
You need 300 000 c/0.1 ml
That means 300 000 cells * 30 mice = 9 000 000 cells need

So yes, you have enough cells!

Hope this helps

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