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Trouble repeating MSP protocol - (Feb/27/2007 )

Has anyone had difficulty repeating published MSP procedures? I think it is imperitive that people include the primer concentration and PCR master mix components in their materials and methods section in order properly recapitulate published work. This has happened several times to me.


Nicely observed - I haven't had this problem specifically with MSP, but with other methods.

I think the groups that leave mentioned information out of the materials and methods section do this on purpose,
so that people WILL have difficulties repeating their work... I thus blame certain journals for not asking the authors to supply complete information before publishing.

What you can do is look for a paper from the same group in another journal that asked them to include the information.
Otherwise you could also find another paper that cites the method from the one you have, but includes the information needed.

If you want help with the MSP procedure I think it would help if you are a bit more specific...?