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elab notebook - (Feb/07/2007 )


does anyone use elctronic lab note book??? how r they..? do any one has setup file /download link for such a note book..??
plz send it across. thank


Even I tried to find out such thing but didn't manage to find one.
I then came across a Mac compatible program called as Yep which is going into payware with the next release. That was a good to give a try but it had a major issue with importing pictures. You couldn't use special signs like ยต etc. If you would like to draw tables, that was also bit difficult so I gave up eventually.

The still good thing was, it was encrypted so it was good if you are doing some secret experiment and there are peeping toms in your lab.

Another option, you couls give a try is maintaining a html file using Mozilla or seamonkey and keeping all pictures and stuff together in a folder made new every month. I tried this but didn't work with me but one guy in our lab does it successfully. You have to be bit geeky with this one which I am not..

Do share if you find something, win or mac whatever even linux would do smile.gif

-Jiang M-

Never thought of it.
I'd like to write it manually.