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Homology Modelling - Homology Modelling Help Needed (Feb/05/2007 )

hi, everyone

I would like to do a project on homology modelling.
i want an previously unmodelled protein for that.
Can anybody please tell me where can i find unmodelled proteins.
Or please suggest me an unmodelled protein u know.
I have tried modbase but i cannot find any.
Please Help...

-Ravi Chandra-

Chances are that anything that has enough homology to allow for 'comparative modeling' will have been done in using an automated pipe-line. Generally this is possible using modeler. If I was you, I would avoid this topic - totally...


If you have a structure of a homologue protein, you can use this as a reference for an alignment and to compute an model. I use SwissModel ( in combination with "Deep View SwissPDBViewer" for this. Here you can also find a database with several theoretical protein models.
Hope, I this helps...