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Mouse -> Human Gene homologue finder/conversion tool - (Jan/29/2007 )

Hello all,

Basically I have a large number of genes highlighted by a Mouse microarray and I would like to identify the human gene homologues for all of them. The only way I can see so far is to go through each gene individually, and this is time consuming! rolleyes.gif

I would greatly appreciate any advice.
Thanks in advance.



What you need is HomoloGene from NCBI. I have an article here to summerize about Homologue genes:

In short, you will need NCBI homolog gene list, parse through the file to obtain human ortholog of you favorite mouse genes.

Another alternative I can see it that if you are using Affymetrix chip, then they might have already map the ortholog for you, even maybe on probeset level. However, if you are doing a customized spotted array, you might have to go by NCBI HomoloGene.

Let me know if you need further help.