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Benedict's Solution question - I need answers to the questions about what the results might be (Jan/20/2007 )

I was wondering what would be the result if Benedict's solution was added and heated to the following
A ) a test tube with amylose
B ) a test tube with amylose and amylase
C ) a test tube with amylose, amylase and maltase

I hope someone here can help me. I would appreciate it.


ah, nice try. dry.gif

But first, happy.gif Could you please remind/tell me what does Benedict's solution do? Learning what said solution contains would also do nicely. tongue.gif

Next, find out what does amylase and maltase do? Could they be some kind of enzyme? ::hint::

I know, the whole "You must learn it youself thing" must surely feel unnessary. But do realise, once you leave school, it is often the case there really isn't anybody who can give you the right answer. You have to find it yourself.

So this is a practise.