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Transfection of SCG neurons. Anyone? - What method do you use? (Jan/18/2007 )

I am about to try transfection of SCG neurons, which didnt work with the girl before me and my PI thinks that PEI method is the best. so i am going to try it. but before I start just wanted to hear some advice and maybe useful literature and sites. thank you!


What r the SCG neurons ?

i know the neurons r usually difficult to transfect and most people use some sort of viral method for that.

I knew a colleague who used amaxa to transfect hippocampal neurons. But one has to buy a machine and its expensive.


superior cervical ganglia.

there is one paper that claims trascfection effeciency 9% with PEI method. unsure.gif


Kathy, try and see if geneporter can help you.



I dont have much experience with geneporter but my PI informed me that he has tried geneporter, which didnt help.

good luck !!!


I worked with SCG neurons for a few years and we tended to microinject them as we could not find a good transfection strategy - this works quite well but obviously required special equipment. We also found that adenovirus infection gave relatively good levels of expression.