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tests to determine alkaloid in plant extract - (Jan/18/2007 )

hi.....could anyone help me in knowing the protocol for determining alkaloid content in a plant extract..reply as early as u can..........thank u.......


Alkaloids give colour reaction with Dragendorff reagent, Mayer reagent, picric acid solution, tanin solution. It works best with rather clean extracts and/or after TLC. It would be easier if you name an alkaloid, there are some standard (eg. pharmacopeia) methods.


thank u k.b....its like i am working on alkaloids of bael fruit, Aeglemarmelos.have no idea of wat alkaloids if any standard protocol to determine is available kindly inform me.if any spectrophotometric method to estimate them is available,let me no the procedure.i have finished doing tlc and phytochemical analysis...thank u