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Population phylogenetic tree help.. - (Jan/13/2007 )


I would like to know if anyone here knows how to make a population phylogenetic tree. I'm currently doing a RAPD project, and i only manage to get a phylogenetic tree for each samples. I want to make a tree that shows each population (if you understand what i mean)

For example, lets say i have 5 population, 3 samples each population, instead of getting 15 branches for each samples, i would like to get just 5 branches representing each population..

I'm currently using RAPDistance 1.04 to calculate my data and Neighbor-Joining/UPGMA from PHYLIP to create the phylogenetic tree. If anyone could help.. Thank you in advance..


Hi Aquilon,

I too am doing RAPD testing of some cell lines and running into some problems of my own. If I understand your question correctly, you're getting patterns different for every individual but they don't show population conformity. Are your results reproducible? Are your populations closely related? If that is the case, perhaps your results are just because the RAPD method is not sensitive enough to differences within one population compaired to another.