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CPR project. - how should i go about this project?any suggestions? (Jan/12/2007 )

any suggestions on how i should go about presenting this project to make it fun in front of the class?


you could tell the history of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)

For starters, in the early days of modern CPR, there was mouth to mouth (which we do now) method and the bellow method. One bellow to pump air in and another to pump air out. Could make the scene look funny.


We did CPR on a rat. Honestly not joking. tapping the chest with 2 fingers and using a 1000ml pipette tip to blow air.
Infact, we actually save one rat.

u could spin a story around this, if u think its funny.


hey!thanks for all the great ideas,i like them,im also loving the the one about the rat.but we also have to make up a song about cpr or a play but the song or play has 2 be fun,any ideas?