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Buying neurons/astrocytes - any suggestion? (Jan/12/2007 )

I have to buy rat cortical neurons (primary, not cell line; and preferably E18 stage) and culture them, even I will possibly have to coculture them with astrocytes.
Anyone of you has bought these cells? Could you give me any recommended brand or suggestion?


U could order pregant mice/rats and dissect the brain (here the cortex), trypsinize cells and plate them. U will have ur neurons and u always have some non-neuronal cells.

Might b interesting to learn making primary cultures.

I dont know if u could order primary neuronal cultures.


It´s really a bit complicated. I´d like to learn primary cultures but our lab is in a hospital and it´s forbidden to have animals for research here sad.gif so sometimes people have to buy cells.
My boss and other scientists are dealing with the hospital manager and trying to convince him and other people to allow us to have some rats, obviously far from patients, in a safe place. It´s a big hospital with some available rooms, so we hope in a future we can have some rats, but now we have to find alternatives like buying primary cells closedeyes.gif


With ordering pregnant rats/mice, u would sacrifice them immediately. So u r not storing them so it should not b a problem.

Yeh, but these managers could b really tough to deal with.

Good Luck !!!