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Need links "Precautions while handling viruses for infection" - (Jan/10/2007 )

Friends, is there any good source for getting details on PRECAUTIONS while handling viruses for transfection, transduction, centrifugation, cell sorting, media spillage etc? I will be doing lentiviral infections. Thanks in advance.


check this website.

Always wear gloves and lab coats. Use ethanol without hesitation.

any spillage, spray with ethanol and finally disinfect with 10% bleach.


If you desinfect with 10% bleach, bear in mind that it is very caustic, even on stainless steel, so you have to thoroughly wash it away afterwards (plenty of water will do).

Discard tips and pipets in bleach and let it in there for at least half an hour (safety marge we take in an HIV-lab and is general rule in Europe if I'm not mistaken).