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cells - (Jan/07/2007 )

1. What is tissue cell?
2. Most plant cells, once differentiated, no longer undergo cell division. I don't understand its meaning?! 'Differentiate'? be more specific.



A tissue cell is a cell from a tissue (i.e. an organ like the kidney or lung). This is why cell culture is sometimes referred to as tissue culture even though most people are culturing cells not tissues. Leukocytes (white blood cells) and red blood cells are not tissue cells therefore.

Cellular differentiation is to change in phenotype from one type of cell to another type of cell by alterations in gene expression . A cell which is unable to further differentiate is terminally differentiated.


differentiation is exhibiting a spcial phenotype at one stage,e.g. stem cells may differentiate into different types of cells (osteocytes, epithelial cells,....etc)