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Qiagen EpiTect - Kit - No PCR product after BSP, only smear! (Dec/20/2006 )

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Hi Tharom,

try a: using a hot start taq
b: longer annealing time
c: lower extension (NOT annealing) temperature




I tried to amplify my samples in real-time with sybrgreen (different Polymerase as before) and it worked fantastic!
My question is: why is hot start taq better? what is the explanation? are hot start taq generally better in quality?
The taq that I used in real-time isn't a hot start taq, but is better in quality as the taq i used in conventional PCR (information of the producer).
So, how determinant is the (high) quality of the taq used for PCR after bisulfite treatment?

Thanks Tharom


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