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Cells showing interesting morphology with treatment - How do I know what's happening (Dec/14/2006 )



your molecule is a drug or a siRNA?
i think the basical features you should look at :

apoptosis measurement using tunel
adding proteasome inhibitors to see if cell survive better
doing in vitro transcription with a nuclear protein extract
monitoring apoptosis proteins

of course it's kind of general question, but should be investigated.
I think if you want more precise, you should tell us little more about your molecule (no need to tell all) and what you're targetting.


I have seen these glandular structures in differentiated Caco-2 cells. DLD-1 is estrogen receptor-positive human colon cancer cell line. Is it diferentiated, biochemically and morphologicaly because of your compound treatment?


I would think this is more like a membrane active agent that affecting plasma membrane or mit potential and the apprearnce of losing cellular details, of course, also because its quickness in causing cell death.